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Are all the bartenders RAMP (Responsible Alcohol Management Program ) certified & do they bring their own equipment?


Every bartender MUST be RAMP certified to be employed with Bubbly Bartending. We take this extra step to ease our hosts minds that our staff is well versed with PA liquor laws.


Each bartender is equipped with the following:

Ice bin + scoop, Wine key, Bottle opener

Cutting board with knife, Napkin caddy & Tip jars. Shakers & Pour spouts available per request!

Bubbly Bartending is also fully covered with Liquor Liability & General Insurance!

Is there a minimum number of hours that we can contract the staff?

No. There is a minimum charge. Use us for as much or as little time as you need! Please keep in mind we provide at least an hour for set up and a half hour breakdown with each event. Also, events exceeding 5 hours require a half hour closure. SET-UP ONLY is available for Theme Bars (bloody, spritz or mimosa).

Do you provide the alcohol?

No! We are only allowed to serve. We can provide you with a recommended amount to be purchased based on your event details free of charge!

How much does Bubbly Bartending charge?

Our packages start at $250!! We base our pricing on bartender only or complete bar service. Remember that both will include all insurances, set up, clean up and bartenders' equipment. We have unlimited options when it comes to making your event special with signature additions and each event is quoted accordingly. 

What can I expect to happen at events?

One or more of our bartenders will arrive at least an hour prior to event. We will set up the bar area as agreed upon per contract. The bartenders will serve all beverages throughout event. NO SELF SERVE. We ensure the area to stay clean and inviting as we provide our services to the crowd. After the event we will clean up bar area, remove trash and box up any remaining alcohol.

What will the bartenders be wearing? Can we request a specific bartender?

Our bartenders wear all black. You can request a different attire for your event. We will try to accommodate specific bartenders being requested as well!


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